Native Style Hard Smoked Strips

$ 15.48

Our Native Style Smoked Salmon Strips are a truly authentic Alaskan food item. We start by hand stripping the fillets, next comes the brining process, then we hang them in our old fashioned cold smoker for up to 14 days stoking the fire all the while! In order to get the correct flavor we make special trips to gather cottonwood off the beach, just like the Alaskan Natives would traditionally smoke their salmon. As the salmon dries it turns a stunning iridescent red color. This is a slow process but worth the wait. Our local customer favor our Native Style over all others. We guarantee you can’t find this product anywhere else. Many have tried but the secret is ours. It is also known as “Hard Smoked Salmon” or “Salmon Jerky.”  We offer it in approx. 1/3-1/2 lb. Vacuum sealed packages. $30.95/lb

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